Commercial Service

We provide your business with efficient, thorough cleaning services performed by screened and trained staff.

Whether yours is a one-room office or an entire building, Cronin Cleaning Services is ready to supply your cleaning needs.
If you use a bidding system and would like a bid from Cronin Cleaning Services, please send your specs and contact information to:

Becki Cronin
(317) 429-0715

  • Our service is customizable based on your business. We provide service during or after hours and you can formulate the mix of products and services as you need.
  • Common Services:
  • Dusting furniture, equipment, decorations, plants, and other surfaces.
  • Removing/preventing cobwebs from corners, ceilings, sprinkler heads, and walls.
  • Trash removal.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing common areas including entrance doors, counters, and other areas used by customers and staff.
  • Complete bathroom care (which includes restocking and sanitizing).
  • Complete floor care (which includes stain treating, vacuuming and mopping).
  • We know your business deserves the same quality you provide, that’s why Cronin Cleaning Service is your best choice.

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