Job Description

Job Description

This job requires the ability to work alone. Think and function in an organized manner. Always present a good personal image and communicate courteously and effectively with clients and staff. A high degree of integrity and trustworthiness are also required for this position.

The job includes cleaning of a home or office from top to bottom. Ceilings to floors. All rooms, all furniture, all fixtures, all surfaces.

This job requires the ability to work thoroughly without missing areas. The level of cleaning care we provide is considered the highest, most-detailed cleaning.


This list is an overview. More specific details will be provided during training.

1 – Be dependable. You are required to arrive to work and each job on time.

2 – Understand and follow the cleaning techniques and methods that are taught during your training.

3 – Understand and follow the safety procedures outlined during training and documented in the employee manual.

4 – Perform all cleaning duties in each room of the house. Be able to follow instructions for specific requirements at each home.

5 – Responsible for reporting any incidents whether caused by you or not. All breakage or other accidents must be documented and verbally reported to the supervisor immediately. This includes any damage that may have already existed.

6 – Keep equipment, supplies, and uniforms in good working condition and appearance.


You are required to:

– Complete job training including safety training.

– Be organized and able to work alone.

– Work at a strenuous, physical job.

– Be able to lift 35lbs.

– Bend, kneel, and do repetitive motions.

– Communicate with clients and staff in a professional and courteous manner.


Wages are hourly and based on a combination of work quality, equipment care, attendance, and customer satisfaction.

Wages begin at $10.50 per hour and are increased at the discretion of the supervisor. Raises are not guaranteed but based on performance, customer satisfaction, equipment care, etc. (We also pay $8.50 per hour for your travel time while on-the-job.)


Please fill out this application as completely as possible. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required to complete the application. If you would like to upload your resume, please use the attachments button at the end of the application.